If you’ve never heard of a pescetarian diet, we’re here to break it down. Here’s a quick etymology lesson; the word comes from a combination of “pesce,” which is Italian for fish, and the word vegetarian. Hence, pescetarian means a diet similar to that of a vegetarian, but with the inclusion of fish. Let’s talk about how Lombardi’s Seafood, the best seafood market in Orlando, fully supports this healthy lifestyle.


Pescetarian diets are not a new trend, and in fact, they have been here for thousands of years. Although not necessarily by choice, but simply due to circumstance, many civilizations have adopted a purely seafood and fish diet to sustain themselves. Island nation Japan and other Asian countries, as well as Mediterranean ones like Greece and Italy, have relied very heavily on fish for their primary protein.


This diet has as many benefits as there are fish in the sea! Because of the nutritional benefits of seafood, such as providing omega-3 fatty acids, complete proteins, a myriad of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, B, D, calcium and selenium, consumers of this diet are never malnourished. On the contrary, this diet and those like it are considered to be extremely healthy. They help people who already suffer from certain ailments, like iron deficiency, and cannot consume other types of protein.

What makes this diet stand apart from that of a vegetarian’s diet is that fish and seafood actually provides the complete nutrient set we need to function well. If you’re only consuming beans and nuts as your source of protein, you’re consuming what are known as incomplete proteins, which do not have the necessary nutrients and amino acids that we need; plus, they tend to be difficult to digest.

A pescetarian diet may not be for everyone, but we can all do our part to consume more seafood every week. The benefits of implementing more fish into your diet are irrefutable, so why not do something that’s going to help your body work its best? We suggest you stop by the best seafood market Orlando’s got, Lombardi’s Seafood Market, and purchase some seafood today. We are open seven days a week!