No matter what type of fish you’re looking for, Lombardi’s has it in stock. In fact, the rarer, tastier, more exotic the fish, the better! It’s the reason why the best seafood Orlando has is found only at our place!

Here are a few of our favorite fish:

  • Monkfish: This is a fish only a mother could love in terms of looks. It’s got a flattened head, a big jaw, and a short, tapering body. You might be put off by its looks at first, but the good thing is that we’re interested in what it tastes like! It’s got a delicious, robust flavor that works well for stir-frying, barbecuing, or in many other ways.
  • Orange Roughy: Found only in the waters of New Zealand and Australia, this unique specimen makes for a real treat. These fish live for a long, long time (up to 50 years by some estimates), which can make them older than many of the people who enjoy them. It has a mild, delicate taste, which should not be covered up by your seasonings; let it shine.
  • Swordfish: These fish can grow up to 1,000 pounds, so there’s plenty to go around. Cook up some steaks on the grill or bake them in the oven to enjoy. Simply marinate them with your favorite marinade as they go well with everything–remember not to overcook them!
  • Chilean Sea Bass: White, slightly oily meat is what you’ll find with this Lombardi favorite. The Chilean Sea Bass, also known as a Patagonian Toothfish, is typically pan seared, but poaching, broiling, or grilling work just as well. With a medium texture and full flavor, this tasty fish would be great for dinner any night.

Make yourself a delicious meal by picking up some of the best seafood Orlando has to offer. The staff at Lombardi’s Seafood Market is eager to please and will help you decide exactly what to get for lunch or dinner. Don’t let these fancy fish scare you if you’re just diving into seafood culture, as they are all great tasting and easy to cook. Check out some of our recipes to see just how easily you can prepare them.