One of seafood’s most prized and coveted delicacies is crab. The entire ordeal, from catching it to eating it, is a holy ritual for many, despite it being a bit of a challenge. Today, Lombardi’s Seafood Market is going to let you in on a little secret. Soft-shell blue crabs are in peak season, which means the seafood in Orlando just got a whole lot better! Keep on reading to find out why.

You might be asking yourself right now, “what’s a soft-shell blue crab?”, and you wouldn’t be alone. The truth is that soft-shell blue crab is not a different species from the regular blue crab we find in our waters. It’s the exact same animal, but at a different stage in life.

As a crab grows, so too must its shell. Given that a shell is made of a hard material that doesn’t expand, the crab’s only recourse is to pop it off and create a new one that fits its new size. They first grow a soft shell around their body, then they fill in the gaps between the soft shell and the hard shell with water, helping to pop it off. This process is known as molting and a lot of animals go through it. It is at this stage that these crab are caught, making us all very happy.

A soft-shell crab makes consuming it vastly easier. We don’t have to work against a tough shell to get to the meaty goodness we desire. Best of all, the flavor remains intact, which means there really are no downsides to this. The only issue is that the time period in which crab are going through this process is relatively short. While there is enough crab to go around, the season for soft-shell blue crab comes and goes in the blink of an eye.

If you love the taste of crab but hate dealing with the hassle that it can be, now is your chance to act. Soft-shell blue crab is one of the best seafood in Orlando, and it won’t last! Make your way over to Lombardi’s Seafood Market on West Fairbanks Avenue in the heart of Orlando to get your fix today.