wine-426466_1920Seafood and wine: a match made in heaven. If you’re like us, you probably like to pair delicious, savory seafood in Orlando with quality wines. Wine and seafood work together to create a cohesive flavor ensemble that is good enough for even the most refined palates. Today Lombardi’s Seafood is going to share some of our favorite pairings and suggestions for you to make your own seafood and wine dreams a reality.

Clam Casino & Albariño

A clam casino is a tasty appetizer comprised of bacon, butter, bread, and clams, of course. It pairs excellently with Albariño, a Spanish wine from the northeastern Rias Baixas region, commonly referred to as the “wine of the sea.” Its crisp texture helps to bring out all of the flavors of the appetizer.

Salmon Kabobs & Pinot Noir

Red wines pair excellently with seafood dishes, and a grilled salmon kabob is no exception. Pinot noir is packed with rich flavors, many more of which you will discover with the help of the salmon. Its oily flavor makes a fantastic backdrop to the dramatic flavors in the Pinot noir.

Almonds & Champagne

This one is simple, but often simplicity makes a greater impact. Combine deliciously salted roasted almonds with dried fruit, like raisins or cranberries and grab a cool glass of Champagne. The flavor and texture of the wine make a great match to the saltiness of the almonds, which themselves are balanced by the chewiness of the raisins.

Crab Bisque & Viognier

Viognier is a close cousin of the Chardonnay, but with a greater floral nose that is capable of transforming a something simple into something extraordinary. Pair it with a crab bisque, or lobster chowder, and you’ve got a hit on your hands. The creaminess of these dishes requires a wine that can shine through.

We suggest trying any and all of these pairings as soon as you can! Whether you are having guests over, or if you simply would like to spruce up a mundane midweek meal, these pairings will work wonders. Stop by Lombardi’s Seafood Market for the best seafood in Orlando today. We’re located on West Fairbanks Avenue, in the heart of Central Florida.