salmon-522483_1920Looking to lower your intake of bad cholesterol? Want to improve your health overall? An easy way to go about it is by implementing a seafood-rich diet into your life. We’re going to break down which of the best Orlando seafood can increase your heart’s performance, improve your vision, and help keep you healthier than the general population can ever hope to be! Lombardi’s Seafood Market wants our customers to be informed about all of the good seafood has to offer.

  • Smoked Salmon: What you’ve got here is a driver of better vision. The omega-3 fatty acids found in just four slices of smoked salmon can help improve vision issues due to age while being super delicious. Simply ensure you do not consume too much, as it can contain a large amount of the daily recommended sodium.
  • Crab: This tasty crustacean is similarly full of omega-3s along with other vital nutrients, such as calcium, copper, zinc, selenium, and chromium. It’s high in good cholesterol which can actually help your heart function and your body produce Vitamin D, essential to good health and happiness.
  • Squid: Don’t squirm! Squid is a delectable seafood rich in protein, omega-3s, zinc, and iodine, which is essential to proper health. Likewise, the Vitamin B2 and copper found in squid can improve the health of your cells and ensure they perform well, helping your teeth and bones stay strong.
  • Oysters: Full of zinc, omega-3s, and protein, this seafood is sure to satisfy. It is one of the most zinc-rich foods. In fact, it can help lower stress levels due to the amino acid tyrosine which is found in its flesh. They are also very low in cholesterol. The only thing to be weary about is the amount of mercury in this seafood, therefore, be smart about where you buy.

Isn’t it amazing what all of these foods that we love can do for our health? These tasty seafood items, and many more, can be found at Lombardi’s Seafood Market, the only source for the best Orlando seafood. We hope you’ll be able to invest in your health by making a lifelong commitment to eating quality, nutritious foods which satisfy not only your taste palate but also your entire body’s needs.