salmon-518032_1920(1)When you start to think about seafood, the first thing that comes to mind is likely its health benefits. It’s true; seafood has a lot of nutritious value, and it can improve your health in a lot of ways. Let’s look at some of the ways in which seafood makes a difference, for the better, to your body and mind. Be sure to grab some of the best seafood in Orlando by stopping at Lombardi’s today.

  • Calories and Protein: Everyone going on a diet or looking to eat healthier wants low calories and high protein, which can be difficult to find. Fish, such as cod and flounder, can provide just that because they are very low in calories relative to the amount of protein they provide. Just one three-ounce serving is enough to give you 1/3 of the daily recommended amount of protein and can be had in as little as 100 calories.
  • Fat and Cholesterol: Most seafood is very low in fat, coming in anywhere from 5% fat to 15% in fattier fish such as mackerel and king salmon. That’s a pretty good deal considering the level of fat found in other animal meat, but even better is the fact that a lot of that fat is omega-3 fatty acids which provide great heart, body, and brain benefits. As for cholesterol, a three-ounce cooked portion has, on average, 100 mg of cholesterol but can be as low as 60 mg. The suggested daily limit is 300 mg, so even if you ate seafood every meal, you’d still fall under nutritional guidelines.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Fish and other seafood are full of vitamins and minerals. The most common are Vitamin A, D, and B-complex vitamins that can improve the functioning and wellness of your nervous system. There’s also a lot of zinc, iron, and iodine in fish to keep your cells and immune system healthy.

The best foods to consume are those that are not only tasty but also deliciously healthy. Lombardi’s has the best seafood in Orlando in stock every day that make excellent options for those of us who want to keep our bodies functioning well long into old age. Come by our location on West Fairbanks today, and give your body what it’s asking for!