When it comes to seafood and fish, fresh is king. Over any other measure, freshness is what matters most, as a fresh fish will provide the greatest, most authentic taste and is actually healthy to consume. When you consume fish or seafood at a restaurant, you can’t be sure you’re getting the best fish in Orlando, unless of course you are eating with one of our partners. By purchasing and preparing your own seafood, you can be the judge; today we’ll show you how.

Ask Questions

The first thing you’ve got to be comfortable with is knowing that you can, and should, ask questions of your fish monger or the person selling you the fish. If they are selling you a quality piece of fish or other seafood, they should have no issue answering your questions regarding freshness, where it was caught, if it has been frozen or not, etc. These questions should be very simple to respond to, as they should be knowledgeable on the topic and are expecting these questions.

Use Your Senses

You’ve got to tune into your senses when you get to the fish market. When inspecting the fish visually, look for these signs:

  • The fish should have a moist look to it.
  • Its eyes should be clear.
  • Its gills should be a rich red color.
  • The flesh should bounce back when pressed.
  • There should be even color all around.
  • You should not see any dryness or scales coming off.

Next, pay attention to the smell. Despite what one might assume, a “fishy” smell is not desired. We want to smell a bit of saltiness of the ocean, but no typical fish smell, as this signals that the fish is not in great condition. You should absolutely ask to smell your fish up close if you can’t otherwise tell its scent.

That’s all it takes to get some delicious, fresh fish. By shopping at Lombardi’s Seafood Market, you’ll be taking back control of what you eat, and only you will determine if it is up to the quality standards you demand. Use these tips to purchase the best fish in Orlando from our market and any market across the country. Visit us to grab the ingredients for tonight’s meal. We’re located on West Fairbanks Avenue.