You love seafood, whether it is for the health benefits or the taste. You want to introduce your child or toddler to the best seafood in Orlando, but you’re unsure how to go about it. Today, Lombardi’s is going to discuss the best way to approach the situation, including what risks to consider and which precautions to have in mind.

When To Start
If you’ve just had your baby, you would still need to follow the recommended guidelines of waiting four to six months before introducing solids into your baby’s diet. After that point, it is safe to introduce solids in small amounts, and certainly so for toddlers past the one-year mark. You would only wait to do so if your child has a medical condition or is on antibiotics, as their immune defenses might be lowered.

How to Do It
You’ll want to start, as with most foods, by introducing one food at a time. Fish, and even the best seafood in Orlando, can potentially produce allergic reactions in many people, which is why you should tread carefully during this process. Start with a small amount of one specific fish or seafood and wait up to three days before introducing another. The reasoning behind this is that if one food does cause a reaction, it is easy to pinpoint it. For this very reason, it is recommended that this process occur at home, as restaurants are infamous for cross contamination.

Risks to Consider
Apart from the potential allergic reactions we have already touched upon, you need to consider the risk of toxicity contained in seafood. Certain fish and seafood contain high amounts of mercury, which is toxic and can harm brain development. As with adults, limit fish servings only to those low-mercury fish such as catfish, canned light tuna, and salmon. Try other varieties in low quantities as they grow older.

Consuming the best seafood in Orlando is extremely beneficial and is healthy for our bodies, but precautions must be taken when children are involved. Every member of your family can enjoy something from Lombardi’s Seafood Market; all it takes is some considerations and planning to get it done. If you have any more questions, visit us on West Fairbanks Avenue!