Whether novice or professional, you may have thought that salt, no matter the color or where it is from, is all the same. The truth is that all salts have a similar flavor, but there is a multitude of varieties that do indeed impart a different, sometimes subtle, taste. Today, Lombardi’s is going to show you which salts pair great with the seafood Orlando consumers like you know and love.

Pink Himalayan

Himalayan pink salt is sourced from the Punjab region of Pakistan. This unique salt gets its name from the rich pink and salmon colored tones provided by the minerals in it. It is cut from the mountain in blocks which are then crushed into coarse particles. You can find about 70 minerals and metals in this salt, resulting in a flavoring like no other. Try it with any seafood dish, such as a salt encrusted baked fish filet.

Grey Atlantic Salt

This salt comes from the Brittany region of France. It has an appearance similar to speckled sand and has a coarse texture. Its subtle taste originates from the clay in the soil where it is found. It has a great aftertaste and pairs well with most dishes.

Black Hawaiian Hiwa Kai Sea Salt

With a name so long, you had better believe it tastes good. It is perfect for fish as well as a way to garnish many dishes for decorative effect. It is also great for the digestive system.

Balinese Salt

This type of salt comes from Bali, namely, the Indian Ocean surrounding it. It has a bit of a crunch given its unique pyramid-shaped structure. It is flaky and works well on grilled fish or veggies!

Maldon Salt

A chef favorite, this salt is unique because of its chemical structure. It is like a larger crystal and melts in your mouth more slowly, allowing you to savor it.

Now that you know there is a lot of value in different salts, will you be giving them an integral role in your seafood dishes? Come by Lombardi’s to get the best seafood in Orlando and to learn about more cooking tips reading our recipe infographics.