seafood-838903_1920So you hate fish, huh? Well, that’s a bummer, given all of the tasty dishes that you can create and the fantastic health benefits that fish provides. We’re going to help you remedy any of the issues you may have encountered in the past and have you saying YES to the best seafood in Orlando. You’ll be running to Lombardi’s Seafood Market when you’re through reading this.

Fish Therapy

You need to figure out why you don’t like fish so that you can then address the problem. Much like the best therapists, we’re going to suggest some reasons why you may not like it and branch off from there. Could it be that you’ve had one or two experiences where you tasted improperly cooked or old fish? Is the smell or taste too strong for you to handle? You’ve encountered a bone or two in your meal and were completely turned off?

Well, here’s what you can do about it. Give fish another chance by preparing it yourself. You can’t go wrong with a fillet of tilapia or turbot; they’re mild-tasting fish, so your palate won’t be offended, and they soak up the flavor of whatever sauces or seasoning you throw at them. If you’re still worried about the flavor, squeeze a lemon over the top when cooking it as the acid cancels out any odors.

Give it a Twist

If you’ve stayed far away from fish your entire life, chances are you’ve got a few beef or chicken recipes that you’re really familiar with. What you need to do is replace those other meats with fish. Give a big hunk of salmon a try as part of your next burger ensemble and experience the delicious and healthy fish in your favorite beefy form. You may also venture into the ever popular fish tacos. Simply cook some fish, such as some barramundi, warm up your tortillas, get your salsa and lime ready, and you’re good to go.

Fresh is Freedom

One of the largest barriers to a successful fish dining experience is bad fish. If the main ingredient isn’t fresh, how could your meal be any good at all? Remember, fresh fish smells like the ocean, it doesn’t smell like… well, like old fish. You’ll only find the freshest fish at Lombardi’s.

Lombardi’s Seafood Market is ready and willing to help you learn how to love fish. Although many of us were natural fish lovers, some of us took convincing. But there’s really nothing to it, as long as you follow the guidelines we’ve already discussed. Make it out to Lombardi’s and have the best seafood in Orlando today.