fish-448556_1920The feast of seven fishes is a celebratory meal that takes place on Christmas Eve as per Italian and Italian-American tradition. Although several dishes are involved, their exact ingredients and recipes vary by family, and one style is not inherently better than another. Today, Lombardi’s Seafood Market is going to show you how to use the seafood in Orlando to tackle this huge endeavor of a feast and make your family proud! Let’s start at the very beginning with the first course.

  • The Snacks

You and your guests are in it for the long haul, so it is wise to have snacks readily available for both opening up the appetite and controlling it as guests wait for the next course. You might start with some crisp, toasted baguette slices paired with a substantive dip, such as whipped bacalao. A Vermentino wine would make for a wonderful accompaniment.

  • A Salad

A salad serves as the perfect preparation for the heavier, richer dishes that are yet to come. Why not try and amaze your guests with a pan-seared squid salad? As for wine, something light and bright will do.

  • Bring on the Meat

This dish is very important because it will be the real starting point of the feast. We suggest going with the best seafood in Orlando, such as some center-cut fish fillets from fish like cod, salmon, or bass. You might try a grilled prawn soup if you prefer. Offer your guests a riesling to provide acidity to balance your dish.

  • Pasta

It wouldn’t be Italian without pasta. A seafood pasta dish you should try is spaghetti with clams. Add toasted peperoncino for a kick, as it pairs excellently with the richness in the pasta and the saltiness of the clams. For the wine, choose something white and hearty.

  • Stew It Up

The final savory course should be a seafood stew. Try a cacciucco which is tomato based and full of delicious octopus, clams, and mussels. You might even add bass, cod, or squid instead. Offer your guests a pinot noir for its low acidity.

  • Cleanse the Palate

Not quite dessert, this course serves to cleanse the palate and leave you feeling refreshed. That’s why we recommend something with citrus in it, such as a citrus flavored gelato.

  • Dessert

The final and seventh course should be a dessert, such as cookies or cannoli or even a more complex, yet light dessert.

As you can see, preparing the feast of seven fishes is quite the task. Lombardi’s Seafood Market hopes you’ll be able to use some of the seafood in Orlando to prepare this feast for your family.