fish-139162_1920Grilling fish is simple. But it is also very simple to do it wrong. Let’s tackle some common mistakes people make when grilling fish and discuss best practices. We want you to enjoy the seafood Orlando has to offer at its fullest, not regretting your purchase. Let’s venture into the proper techniques for grilling fish.

  • Clean your grill: Having a dirty grill and grimy grill grates makes for an unpleasant experience, to put it mildly. Fish sticks and subsequently breaks apart when your grill is dirty. Use the appropriate tools to de-grease your grill and remove any debris before cooking.
  • Don’t flip too early: You have got to let the fish cook the necessary amount of time prior to flipping it, as doing so too early will likely mean that the fish will stick to the grill and break.
  • Don’t remove the skin: Keeping the skin on can help structurally; it will help the fish remain in one piece and not break apart. Some fish skin is also quite tasty when cooked through, so it would be wise to keep it as well.
  • Dry the fish: Cooking with a fish that is dripping wet will, in fact, make it steam, not sear. You’ll want to towel dry it prior to grilling.
  • Glaze at the end: When making a sweet, sugary glaze, apply it only when the fish is nearly completely cooked. This is important because otherwise the heat from the grill will burn the glaze, causing your fish to taste charred and bitter. It is better to glaze at the end, but you may season the fish prior to grilling as well, in order to ensure a delightful flavor infusion.
  • Keep the sizes even: You’ll want to cook evenly thick pieces at the same time in order to cook your fish properly. Typically, fish fillets taper at an end and are therefore slimmer on one side than the other. Cut even pieces and grill those in batches to ensure that your fish is cooked well.
  • Marinate for a few minutes only: When you marinate your fish in an acid, you can actually end up cooking the fish, akin to a ceviche. In order to avoid this, make sure your marinade doesn’t last longer than 15 to 20 minutes.

Even the best of cooks can sometimes forget these tips and commit mistakes that end up ruining their meal. It’s important to always be aware of the best grill practices so that your fish is always grilled properly. Remember, the seafood Orlando residents purchase will determine the quality of their meal. Therefore, purchase yours at Lombardi’s Seafood Market, your trustworthy seafood source.