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Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout is a tender fish with a mild, nutty flavor. Thanks to their compact bones and easy to remove skin rainbow trout is easy to prepare as a pan fried or grilled entre. Commonly sold whole.

Pairs well with:


Bell’s Two Hearted


Pinot Noir
Sauvingnon Blanc
Pinot Gris


Baked Trout Saratoga

This delicious trout recipe is ready in minutes. For the sensational combination of tomatoes, parsley, baked trout, and garlic, try this recipe.

Pan-Fried Trout with White Beans, Bacon, and Rosemary

The bacon and rosemary in this recipe lend a slow-cooked quality to this quick and delicious trout recipe!

Cajun Rainbow Trout

For those looking for a simple and flavorful Cajun dish, try Cajun rainbow trout. The versatile and healthy dish is best served with a tomato salad and a fresh baguette topped with sweet cream butter.

Rainbow Trout with Jasmine Rice and Citrus Vinaigrette

This quick and easy dish is simple to whip up, yet elegant enough for entertaining. The citrus vinaigrette adds a delicious tang to fresh rainbow trout.

Trout with Haricots Verts and Almonds

Baked Trout with Shiitake Mushrooms, Tomatoes, and Ginger



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