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Monkfish has a unique flavor and texture. It’s tight, meaty white flesh is often compared to lobster meat. This versatile fish can be prepared using almost any cooking method, and it can be served in soups and stews.

Pairs well with:


Naragansett Lager
Pale Lager


Pinot Noir


Monkfish in Tomato-Garlic Sauce

This fast and healthy meal will leave you and your family asking for more. For the best wine pairing, choose a Sauvignon Blanc. It compliments the garlicky tomato sauce perfectly.

Monkfish With Ratatouille

For a delicious and heart-healthy dish that the whole family will love, try Monkfish with Ratatouille. Try serving it with crusty, hot bread and a spicy pinot.

Spanish Braised Monkfish

For a savory and delicious Spanish recipe try this Spanish Braised Monkfish. This sweet and nutty flavor is perfect for every occasion.

Bacon-Wrapped Monkfish with Beurre Rouge

The sweet, rich flavor of monkfish pairs beautifully with bacon in this all-star recipe. Courtesy of Emeril Lagasse.

Monkfish Provincial

Monkfish's naturally meaty flavor is enhanced with crisp spices and a simple, delicious garnish. Serve with rice or pasta.

Spanish Braised Monkfish

Monkfish Provincial



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