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Blue Crab

Blue crabs are one of the most desirable shellfish sold in fish markets. Although there are numerous ways to cook these beauties, a unique cooking method is to fry the crabs shortly after they shed their skin. The soft replacement can be eaten whole with the rest of the crab.

Male hard crabs are usually called “Jimmies”, mature female crabs are usually called “sooks”. Jimmies are generally larger and more meaty, therefore more desirable for eating whole–steamed or boiled. Sooks are often sold to commercial processing plants to be picked and packaged as fresh or pasteurized meat. For crabfeasts or picnics, always ask for Jimmies.

Pairs well with:

Coronado Orange Ave Wit, Belgain White Wheat


Crab Cakes With Spicy Rémoulade

An American favorite, crab cakes with spicy remoulade will bring a festive kick to any occasion. If you're looking for less of a kick in your remoulade, omit the red pepper.

Blue Crab Imperial

Use sweet blue crab meat for this recipe, which is sure to be a summertime hit.

Lump Blue Crab Salad

This easy appetizer is sure to please the crowd. Creamy avocado complements sweet blue crab meat.

Fried Soft-shell Blue Crab

Blue Crab Fritters

Blue Crab Cakes with Tangy Butter Sauce



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