salmon-522483_1920Alzheimer’s Disease is a devastating degenerative disease identified by progressive memory loss and brain deterioration affecting a large percentage of the elderly population and their families. A research team from Rush Medical School, led by Dr. Martha Clare Morris, has proven the benefits that consuming Orlando seafood can have as we age and how eating fresh seafood is different from taking supplements. Lombardi’s Seafood Market wants to show you why implementing a seafood diet is the best thing you could do for yourself.

Dr. Morris’s research began by taking a look at data harvested through the Memory and Aging Project (MAP), which collected information from elderly patients living in Chicago’s retirement communities from 2004 to 2013. The data collected included dietary information for each individual plus an analysis of the brain post-mortem in search of signs of degeneration.


After thorough analysis, the team discovered a correlation between those individuals whose diet included fish or other seafood consumption at least once per week. Those who consumed more seafood had fewer plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, both of which are possible signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, those with a genetic variation (APOE), making them more susceptible to developing Alzheimer’s, were also benefiting from the seafood diet.

The team concluded that taking vitamin supplements, such as fish oil or omega-3 fatty acids instead of consuming seafood, was not as good of an option and did not achieve the same results because supplement-takers were not consistent in their consumption. Their suggestion for receiving the benefits that were witnessed in the study is to consume more than two seafood meals per week.

Alzheimer’s Disease can affect so many of us that it would be reckless to not do our best to curb its chances of taking over our lives. By consuming Orlando seafood, we not only improve our diet but also our mind. Let Lombardi’s be the place where you go to get the fresh nutrients your brain needs to be its best self.