IMG_7225Whether you’re in charge of a hotel, a restaurant, or a catering company, Lombardi’s Seafood Market has got you covered. Seafood at your event signals to your guests that you value their patronage. We are able to provide the best seafood in Orlando, hands down, because we’ve been doing it for decades, and we make the process simple: you order what you need from us, and we’ll have it ready in no time! Here are the top five reasons to choose us as your seafood wholesaler:

  • Quality: Just as we do for our retail customers, we can provide you with only the highest quality fish and seafood sourced from around the world. Whether you need a whole lobster or just the lobster tail, you can be assured that we’re providing you with the best there is to be had. We pride ourselves in providing fresh seafood and fish, every single day.
  • Value: We provide the best value in town, doing our best to meet any budget, ensuring your guests remember how great the food was. Use our helpful product guide to come up with a list of foods that makes sense for you, and call us up to make an order. Our sales representatives will be glad to help take your event to the next level.
  • Proximity: We service Central Florida, helping you prepare for an event with the freshest products by timing deliveries as close as possible to when they’re ready to be cooked. This makes for excellent food that your guests will love.
  • Expertise: Our family and employees have decades of practice selecting and preparing fish and seafood, making sure we only grab the best from our fishmongers. You won’t be disappointed by the quality we provide, guaranteed!
  • Capacity: Lombardi’s is prepared to fulfill orders both big and small. Large capacities are not an issue for us, nor are small events too small for us to help out. When placing your order, simply have an idea of how many guests you expect, and we can aid you in deciding an appropriate quantity to order.

Lombardi’s Seafood Market is the right choice for ordering seafood in Orlando at wholesale quantities and prices because we make the process simple, easy, and always provide the best quality. Make sure you check out our online product guide, and visit us on West Fairbanks Avenue in Winter Park. If you have any questions or are ready to place an order, call us at 407-628-3474 any day of the week!