No one ever complained about being healthier, which is why we all try our best to improve our lives every day. One of the simplest, most convenient ways we can do that is by incorporating some of the best seafood in Orlando into our diets. Fish and seafood are tremendously beneficial to our well-being. Today we’re discussing the top four reasons to eat more seafood!

  1. Reduce Your Risk of a Heart Disease
    Were you aware that the number one cause of death in adult Americans is heart disease? Bringing seafood into your diet can help. Research shows that you can see up to a 36% reduction in risk of heart-related death by simply consuming fatty fish one or two times per week. That’s a significant, noticeable benefit to people around the country – they just have to get in the habit of doing it!
  2. Get Better Sleep
    Sleep is vital, yet good quality sleep is often elusive. New research has good news for those consuming the best seafood in Orlando. The study shows that individuals who ate three servings of fish per week found that they saw improvements in the quality of their sleep as well as their everyday functioning. If you could change your life for the better by doing one thing differently, why wouldn’t you?
  3. Give Your Brain a Boost
    As you may know, fish and seafood are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These nutritional fats help your brain process and store information, which is why individuals who consume these foods often perform better on exams and show improved memory performance. Whether you are a student who needs to study for an upcoming test or a working professional who could benefit from enhanced memory, eating more seafood can help.
  4. Your Source for Vitamin D
    As Americans, we could all get out a little more and stand under the warmth of the sun. Thanks to the sun, our body generates Vitamin D that can help us lead healthy lives all around, but if the sun isn’t out (or we’ve been staying in), our bodies will lack this essential vitamin. Over 40% of Americans are deficient in this vitamin; don’t be one of them! Get your vitamin D from fish, the best dietary source for it!

Eating the best seafood in Orlando doesn’t have to be a hassle. Visit Lombardi’s today at our location on West Fairbanks Avenue to discover the many options you have to choose from. Our chefs will be glad to help!