One of the daunting aspects of eating the best fish in Orlando, and one that scares many away, is the fact that there is so much variety. Another concern comes from the fact that many grocery stores and markets mislabel their fish due to lack of staff expertise. To avoid getting overwhelmed by all the options or not purchasing the best fish for your meal, it is helpful to be informed and guided by the experts at Lombardi’s, your local seafood market. As part of our effort to educate, we want to share with you some information that you should keep in mind when purchasing fish and seafood. Let’s check out the four most commonly mislabeled fish.

Red Snapper

Unbelievably, Red Snapper is mislabeled about 87% of the time! Rockfish, perch, white bass, and others that have a similar appearance often replace them. This mislabeling is likely due to the Red Snapper’s rise in popularity lately.


This fish is used in many dishes and is a common ingredient in sushi. Close to 60% of what is labeled as white tuna is a fish called escolar that is far less expensive to source. A big downside of this is that consuming more than a few ounces of escolar has been known to upset stomachs!


A quarter of all grouper sold is not in fact grouper, but rather catfish or swai. The reason being those fish are cheaper and easier to find.

As you can see, misconceptions out there about these four fish options. Come to Lombardi’s Seafood Market to let our experts help you select the best fish in Orlando and see what the right fish taste like! For your convenience we’re located on West Fairbanks Avenue.